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Contact : Jo Bloomfield
Location : Sydney NSW
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*no current breeding dogs, but please read my listing*

Before dogues, I had Rottweilers for 18 yrs. I got my first Dogue in 2003. Through her I met a lot of great breeders, willing to help with advice & subsequently formed some very good friendships. This is why I started rescuing other Dogues in need, finding them forever homes.

Responsible breeding is important. Through rescue, I have seen much heartache, being the result of poor breeding practices. Dogs that need to be put down before they are 2 yrs old, others dropping dead from underlying heart conditions, mange that needs expensive ongoing treatment & other crippling hereditary conditions – all easily preventable through ethical breeding.

In 2009, Viva came to live with me. I enjoyed showing her to her Aust title. In 2011, Vegas joined my family. Having such a lengthy history with the breed, I am in the perfect position to make informed choices for the future of my kennel. I pride myself on my research & ethical approach to breeding.

I am the President of DDB Rescue in Aust and past President of the Utility Dog Club of NSW.

I am here to help preserve the future of the breed. I am happy for people to contact me for a chat, advice, or re: rescues/rehomes. Non urgent enq via email please. Visit: and

Photo : Aust.Ch. Bellarouge Ville de Peche

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Aust Ch Bellarouge Genevieve
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Aust Ch Bellarouge Ville De Peche
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 Roguedogue The Dark Tower
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 Roguedogue Salems Lot
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